The Dynamic 19!!

This weekend Valley Crossfit had 19 teams compete in the Dynamic Duo competition at Cal State Dominguez Hills. It was very cool to compete along side all of my friends/clients. To say that I am proud would be an understatement; I am so unbelievably impressed with every VCF team! Congratulations!

Here are the results for all the VCF Teams:

9/87 Fifty Shades Of Gains- Dustin & Julian
46/87 Team String Bean- Mark M. & Bryce
70/87 Team O.L.D.- Bob & Erik C.

1/22 Bootie & The Brain- Becca & Jamie H.
10/22 Vertically Challenged- Trixie & Pam
17/22 Team Smartypants- Bonnie & Chanel

07/98 Vcf ‘D Squad’- JB & Charlie
23/98 Body Rockers- Richard & Arya
27/98 The Shake Weights- Chris C & Emir
31/98 Team Rush Hour- David & Keymon
49/98 Icanhascrossfit- Sal & Mihn
56/98 Pork And Beans- DJ & Edgar
60/98 Bunz Of Steel- Carlos & Vaughn

13/73 Team Pandicorn- Sue & Roxanne
24/73 Chicks & Salsa- Lina & Melissa
25/73 Ninja Bear- Niina & Haddy
34/73 Las Cabronas- Cynthia & Heather
64/73 Xo Baking- Grace & Kendall
66/73 Team Momfit- Tina & Nicole
70/73 Voigt’S Vixens- Ann-Marie & Jodi



At the start of every month, Valley Crossfit’s whiteboard-o-goals is wiped clean and the expectation to establish new goals for the month is obvious. This clean slate should be easy to fill up but unfortunately coming up with goals can hard.

For some people, goals are establish by what you are already good at. For example, the guy who has an impressive 275# snatch has a goal to snatch 280#.

For other people, goals are established by wishes and dreams. Example, the person who can not even do one pull-up wants to get a muscle up by the end of this month.

Now, I think both of these goals are great to have; in fact, I encourage you to have goals like these. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). I think the guy who wants a heavier snatch should also have a goal to run a 6 minute mile. I also think that the person who wants a muscle up should have a goal to get their first pull-up AS WELL AS work on progressions that will assist them in getting a muscle up down the road. Make your goals well rounded. Unless you are Rich Froning, you have holes in your game.

When I establish goals I usually pick three to focus on. The first one is usually something I enjoy working on. The second goal is usually something I dread working on and finally the third goal is something I am decent at BUT something I can be more proficient.

My goals for this month are:

1. Snatch 160# (two pounds off my current PR)
2. 30 unbroken Ring Dips (currently at 18)
3. 5 unbroken muscle ups any day (3 consecutive always/ 5 in the beginning of a workout/ 6 on a good day)

Now you know my goals, go establish your own and WORK ON THEM!!


This past weekend, two of my athletes (and friends) competed at the Pretty Gritty competition. The competition was a local pairs competition that happened to be Roxanne’s very first competition! I was very fortunate to be able to see part of their final workout, it was amazing! Their teamwork was solid and I was extremely proud to see them in action working to seamlessly.  Congratulations on your sixth place finish! 

I am very excited to see them (as well as all of the other Valley Crossfit teams) compete this weekend at the Dynamic Duo! I feel so fortunate to work with all of you on a daily basis! Thank you for the opportunity! 




Hard Work Does Pay Off!

My client came to me in January of this year telling me how much she wanted to be able to do a bar muscle up. I thought it was a good goal to have and needed to find out where we were starting from.

After my evaluation of her bar muscle-up, I gave my client a laundry list of things that needed to be improved on in order for this goal to be checked off.

We worked on this goal every few weeks but I had to put a lot of ownership on my client to do the hard stuff on her own. I am happy to report that every single ounce of hard work paid off.

Last week, my client achieved her goal and I am so proud of her!